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Code of Conduct

The primary purpose of the adult sports program is to offer each participant the opportunity to pursue, through athletics, the physical and emotional benefits of such an activity. All too often the emphasis in such participation is placed on winning at all cost. Good sportsmanship is expected and must be maintained at all times. The purpose of the Code of Conduct, applicable to every participant and spectator, is to motivate and ensure good sportsmanship, proper conduct on and off the field, and to fully comply with the rules and policies of the KickEasy Sports league.

Effective immediately, the Code of Conduct, as defined below, will be enforced. All participants and spectators will be expected to carefully review the rules and requirements set forth and are solely responsible for their actions both on and off the playing field. Improper behavior can and will directly affect the future participation of the individual. The Adult Sports Code of Conduct applies to all players, captains, referees, board members/organizers and spectators and the penalties can be applied to any individual or an entire team as seen fit. This code becomes effective as soon as the participants arrives to the field of play and remains in effect until the participants leave the field.

I therefore pledge to be responsible for my words and actions while attending a KickEasy sports event and shall conform my behavior to this code of conduct. No participant or spectator shall:

  • At any time lay hand upon, push, shove, strike, or threaten to strike another player, captain, referee, board member/organizer or spectator for any reason.

  • Endanger the safety of any player, captain, referee, board member/organizer or spectator.

  • Refuse to abide by a referee’s decision.

  • Use personal or verbal abuse towards any player, captain, referee, board member/organizer or spectator.

  • Use unnecessary rough tactics in the play of the game against another opponent.

  • Demonstrate objectionable behavior or dissent at a referee’s decision.

  • Discuss with a referee, in any manner, the decision reached by such referee. (Exception: Team Captain)

  • Discuss publicly with spectators in a derogatory manner any play, decision, or personal opinion of other players in the game.

  • Play under another individual’s name, falsify name, or falsify address on an official roster.

  • Play on more than one team in the same league.

  • Appear at the field in an intoxicated condition that could jeopardize the safety of oneself or another individual, physically or verbally.

  • Attempt to incite riot among one’s team or among the spectators.

I hereby agree that if I fail to conform my conduct to the Adult Sports Code of Conduct for KickEasy Sports I will be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to the following depending on the severity of the offense:

  • Verbal warning followed by a yellow or red card depending on the offense

  • Suspension or ejection from current adult sports games

  • Suspension from future adult sports games

  • Suspension from the adult sport’s season

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