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The Origin of KickEasy

After playing recreational sports for 12 years in 5 different leagues, I wanted to bring a different experience to the community. While I thrive in a competitive environment, I also thrive in building friendships, expending our kickball community and doing right by our community as a whole. No one likes to show up to the field to get stomped by a stacked team, especially as a newer player. I wanted to not only continue to play the sport but also provide a better environment for people newer to recreational sports, teach the fundamentals to these newer players, give the opportunity to play with a variety of skillsets and people season to season and give back to our community; playing in a draft league is a great way to do all of these things! You have the leadership of veteran players who are able to help shape these newer players with kindness and compassion while staying true to the competitive nature of sports.

For me, it is important to offer this experience as well as affordability to athletes all the while providing as much play time as possible. I also wanted to get our kickball community involved with other non profits and commit to one community project each season. Moving forward, I would like to see KickEasy Sports expand to not only more kickball teams, but into other sport categories too!

Jennifer Clark, League Organizer

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