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Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

Provide a well-organized recreational sports activity appropriately structured to accommodate any level of play commensurate with our players individual ability, potential and interest and promote a positive adult sports culture that “Honors the Game” for all players and engages with other non-profit organizations in the Portland Metropolitan area.

Our Core Sportsmanship Values


We aim to maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior, and value transparency and honesty in our communications, relationships and actions on and off the playing field.


This means more than just organizing and running sports league. It includes an obligation to make things better, to pursue excellence and to do things in ways that further the goals of this organization. This means that each of us are answerable for our actions and the actions of our teammates and opponents alike.


We value and celebrate the unique and diverse talents, experiences and perspectives of everyone, and treat ourselves, teammates, opponents, referees and board members with the utmost respect at all times.


This value is at the heart of everything we do. We create opportunities to play, to win, to reward, to celebrate and to have a unique and entertaining experience. Find your passion. Build strong relationships. Embrace nerdy, goofy and everything in between. Know your worth. Focus on the positive. Be humble. Make mistakes and own them with a toast!

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